Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blue Moon Revisited


Finally! I was hoping to have the shop open earlier, but whatever, it's open now!

Blue Moon Revisited on etsy

I have the slips I've been working on all listed, and should get some of the pillowcases up today or tomorrow.

Part of the delay was just getting the pictures done - and having space to do it. I was aiming for natural light, but since that wasn't happening and I was getting restless I decided to give it a go using some of Adam's lighting equipment.
I ended up using this neat little LED light he has for his 5D - it's rather stark but I think it goes well with these pieces.

It's been a pretty fun process, learning how the dyes work with different fabrics. I had planned to have some discharge dyed black pieces as well, but haven't had any luck at finding black pieces in natural fabrics.
I'm already thinking of what I could do next - I'd like to move towards completely hand made pieces - sleep shorts and camisoles - dyed in similar ways.
But in the meantime I'm really happy with how these came out, and honestly would like to keep them for myself....but that wouldn't help my joblessness at all :P

pile o' underthings

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