Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Blog Crawl

Today's post is part of Gallery No 8's Summer Blog Crawl. So to any new readers - hello! :)

I love that both the first post, and yesterday's over at Inspire Me Heather both mentioned camps. For my own take on the Summer Lovin' theme I'm going to talk about the present summer, and even though I won't be getting up to my camp (*tear) it's still there to inspire me.

lake penage
lake penage by mattcoopr

My family camp (or "cottage" if you will) on Lake Penage is one of my absolute favourite places on earth, and the main reason for that is how I fell when I'm up there - like anything is possible. I'm usually up there in the summer, and since I can remember it has always been a place where I feel like the upcoming school year (and rest of the year) holds nothing but awesome potential.
So I'm taking that feeling and running with it for this summer. I may not have a job, and am having a lousy time trying to find one, but it's SUMMER! And there are so many things I can do in the meantime, like…

bathing beauties

I love swimming. Again, my camp really is the best spot for it. But here in Vancouver it's hard to beat Wreck Beach (naked swimming rules).

Wreak Beach by taa2r

Take Pictures!
Oh hi, overexposed me

I've been doing it more often, and I just got myself a lovely little Canon A-1 to play around with - so hopefully Film Fridays will get a little more current ;)

Make things!

bluemoonrevisted on etsy, opening soon!

This is pretty much an ongoing goal of mine, but with no job at the moment, something I'm really getting on board with. My brain can go a mile a minute when I think about stuff to do, so I've been trying to streamline.

1. Get really good at making pies. My nanny's were the best, and I aspire to one day come damn close to hers.
2. Can stuff! Fingers crossed that my wee garden is productive, and if it is I'm looking forward to dill pickles, pickled beans and…pickled cherry tomatoes? Who knows.
3. The above photo is the name of my little shop I'm getting together. Again, with no work, I figured if I could possibly make a little money while making things - why not? I'll make an announcement here when it's opened (hopefully soon!). I'll be selling pillowcases accented with hand dyeing and embroidery and hand dyed vintage slips.

windsor purple
future pillowcases

I'm pretty excited about it, about everything really. Summer and excitement have always seemed to go together perfectly for me, so I feel like this one is going to be a good one :)

Anyone out there excited about anything in particular this summer?

That's all for me, check out 10 Rooms tomorrow for day 4 of the crawl!

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