Saturday, September 17, 2011

Library Times

Back to school, back to work.

I didn't quite realize how relaxing it is not working until I actually started working again. My god, but kids are exhausting.
I've had a bit of luck and got a three day job working at a school I can walk to filling in for the librarian. It's been lovely! I still get to see students and do a bit of teaching, but for my last day actually I'll probably be spending most of it just organizing the very-chaotic book collection. I'm a little embarrassed to admit just how excited I am for Monday, and how much I've enjoyed just putting books into alphabetical order (/dork).

Some photos from the New York Public Libray, c/o the Life archive:

my heroes
I love everything about this picture

lady and doll


nun using card catalog

And two adorable librarians for good measure:


librarian, too

I hope the beginnings of fall (my favourite!!) are treating everyone well :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, I can!

I think the best thing about my not working this summer was the fact that it led me to start canning. It was about the middle of August that I finally got myself a canning pot and decided to give it a go, and I've made at least a couple things a week since.

The older I get the more I love doing things that my own parents did - it gives me just an awesome feeling of nostalgia and makes me feel even closer to them somehow.
Growing up, most summers my parents canned tomatoes and some type of jam - usually strawberry to use up all of the spoils from the pick-your-own farm we'd visit.

A couple months back, a post on the awesome blog Crackers led me to buy Canning and Preserving by Ashley English which contains a wealth of canning info and recipes. It's a perfect book for someone getting into canning, as it goes over pretty much every possible thing that could go wrong and how to avoid it.

Most of the stuff I've made so far has been from the book too though, as with any of my new interests, I've thoroughly researched online and found a few really amazing canning blogs as well, chock full of recipes I can't wait to try.

Summer's bounty

L-R: Dill pickles, tomato basil sauce and pickled okra - all recipes from Canning & Preserving. The last two jars are canned peaches in a vanilla syrup and a strawberry jam with balsamic and pepper.


L-R: Cherry marmalade, peach lavender butter (again, from Canning and Preserving) and blueberry maple jam.

So far, everything I've made has been pretty easy with no real problems. And the few mishaps I've had, really aren't so bad (floating peaches!) and are easy to fix (pack more tightly!)
I've also made fairly small batches of everything, mostly to do with cupboard space, but also to cut down on cost.

This afternoon I'm actually planning on turning these wonderfully sweet cherry tomatoes & basil from my garden...

Garden tomatoes

..into a few small jars of tomato basil jam.

I know it's said in pretty much every mention of canning, but I really cannot wait to eat some of that sunny tomato basil jam on a rainy, grey January day.

And speaking of sunny! I have to admit, I was way too quick to judge the seasons out here. The last week has been beautifully hot and sunny. Just yesterday in fact we got back from a blissful three days of camping near Squamish with a wonderful group of friends. I took loads of pictures with my A-1 and can't wait to get them developed.

Free(wo)man Lake

We were on a small lake we had all to ourselves, complete with a raft tethered across the lake. I swam tons and pretty much had the best time ever.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


My newest favourite tumblr - all photos from blackandwtf.

How badass are these girls?!


Pretty sure I had this photo in my dictionary of medical anomalies that I was obsessed with as a kid







Sunday, September 4, 2011

Woody Allen's Manhattan

Thanks to Netflix, I've been on a real Woody Allen kick lately. Once I exhausted the selection on there, I began looking for more of his movies that I haven't seen - mostly the earlier ones.

On Saturday I watched Manhattan (1979), and it was great. I don't think I've ever really seen one of his movies that I didn't at least like. His style is exactly what I love - lots of dialogue and nothing huge necessarily happening. Just a nice little (or, not so nice sometimes) slice of life.

The two things I came away from Manhattan with were how beautiful a city New York is, and how gorgeous Meryl Streep was.










Friday, September 2, 2011

Film Friday - See ya summer

20 by girl and tonic
20, a photo by girl and tonic on Flickr.

Summer was not much to see this year in Vancouver.
Of course it's not over just yet but the cloudy, cool weather of the last few days isn't giving me much hope for any more beach days.

This picture to me shows exactly the type of weather I've been craving - HOT. No chill in the air, just sunny and hot.
This was taken somewhere between New York and Chicago from the train.

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