Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So I stumbled across this lady's blog and was pretty impressed with her list project.
I like lists. To organize, to cross things off of, just to show off. I've always admired people who make loads of them because I feel like I wouldn't be able to come up with so much stuff to write down! (Though maybe these would help).

Anyhow, one that I saw on the Hula Seventy blog that I was totally down with was her list of Hallowe'en costumes.
I love Hallowe'en. I don't understand people who don't, and I really don't understand people who don't like getting dressed up. What? You're crazy.

This past Hallowe'en my roommate Kristin dressed up as Shredder, her costume 100% homemade (and, amazing). While she was busy hard carving her helmet out of foam we were discussing how much FUN it is to make your costume, and again, our complete bewilderment at people who think it's not. I have never worn a store bought costume - not like I'm bragging, but it's just so much better (in my humble opinion) to go through that whole process - idea to realization - and do it all yourself.

Anyways! Enough talking, let's get to the list.

Chloe's Hallowe'en Costumes

1. Witch - age 6

2.Rapunzel - age 7&8

3. Pirouette, for reference - age 9&10

4. Arabian princess type lady, with my hair on top of my head with a decorated toilet paper roll and a veil across my face - age 11

5. Gypsy - age 12

6. Druid (totally into Irish mythology) - age 13

7. Twiggy Ramirez (totally into Marilyn Manson) - age 14

8. Fairy, along with 3 of my friends - age 15

9. Dead groom, as part of a dead wedding party - age 16

10. 70s pimp - age 18

11. Gothy undead girl - age 19
**EDIT** I just remembered! This was me on Hallowe'en proper, but for a party just before I actually dressed up as a dead/drowned Ophelia and I looked AWESOME.
Oh, youth.

12. Gogo Yubari, from Kill Bill Vol. 1 - age 20

13. Frankenhooker - age 21

14. Jack Sparrow - age 22

15. Columbia, in pjs with the Mickey Mouse ears - age 23

16. Pippi Longstocking - age 24

17. Mia Wallace, post-overdose - age 25
Mia Wallace

18. Frida Kahlo - age 26
Frida (for Parade of the Lost Souls)
This was the night of Parade of the Lost Souls, which is why I have the skullish face

19. Joan Holloway - age 27

20. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch - age 28

21. Little Red Riding Hood - age 29

I know I started going out trick or treating when I was about 4, but I'm not entirely sure what I was. A bunny? My dad's story is that our street at the time had a Hell's Angels' clubhouse at the end of the block that everyone was avoiding, even though they had jack-o-lanterns out. He took me there and they were so pumped to see me that they filled my entire plastic pumpkin with candy and I was good to go home.

**All photos scrounged from facebook

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  1. I love Halloween too. Can't brag that I've never been in a store-bought costume though. Totally stealing this list idea... :)


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