Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday List - Places I Gotta Eat

This post actually started out just as a list I was making for myself.

When we had cable, the Food Network was one of my go to channels and I developed an affinity for those programs that showcase local eateries (even if they do seem to employ the most obnoxious hosts).  It goes along with my obsession with reading menus, and my general passion for food I guess. I just love the stuff.

Vancouver is well known for having some fantastic restaurants and I can attest to that. I have eaten some fantastic meals here. Having so many amazing places in town though can sometimes feel like more than a curse than a blessing - especially when my budget unfortunately doesn't cover eating out every night of the week.

I should do a little write up of some of my favourite places in town, but for now I present:

The Next Ten Restaurants in which I plan to Eat
(catchy, no?)

1.  Go Fish! - A fish and chip stand located on the seawall just west of Granville Island. I have recommended dozens of tourists eat here, though I have yet to.

2.  Argo Cafe -   A place I learned about from TV, which was surprising since it's fairly close to my neighbourhood and seems to have quite the following. They post their specials daily on their website which I think is just awesome.

3.  Peaceful Restaurant  - I've been wanting to go here for ages,  and am kicking myself that I didn't get there before it was featured on TV because I bet the wait will be a lot worse.  I hear the Peaceful beef roll is amazing, and I've been wanting to find a place with Mu Shu pork for ages (Miss you Hunan House!)

4.  Red Wagon - My friend went there and had pulled pork stuffed pancakes with Jack Daniels maple syrup. Enough said.

5.  The Acorn - This place just opened last month nearby, and it looks beautiful. They also have a lavender and honey creme brulee on their menu that I need to eat.

6.  Che Baba Cantina - I'm a little embarrassed that I haven't been here yet as it is literally just down the street. It's the same owners of Les Faux Bourgeois, which is an amazing French bistro that I ate at for my last birthday.

7.  Grub - I haven't heard anything about this place at all. It looks cute and the name makes me laugh, so that's good enough for me I guess.

8. Hawker's Delight - A bit of a Vancouver institution and again, I'm a little embarrassed I haven't tried it yet.

9. Salt Tasting Room - Build your own cheese and charcuterie plates and flights of wine? Yes please!

10. Toshi Sushi - Regularly listed in top 5 lists for Vancouver sushi and there is always, always a big line outside.

So there ya go. If there are any fellow Vancouver eaters reading and you want to tell me your fave places to eat then please do!
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