Saturday, September 17, 2011

Library Times

Back to school, back to work.

I didn't quite realize how relaxing it is not working until I actually started working again. My god, but kids are exhausting.
I've had a bit of luck and got a three day job working at a school I can walk to filling in for the librarian. It's been lovely! I still get to see students and do a bit of teaching, but for my last day actually I'll probably be spending most of it just organizing the very-chaotic book collection. I'm a little embarrassed to admit just how excited I am for Monday, and how much I've enjoyed just putting books into alphabetical order (/dork).

Some photos from the New York Public Libray, c/o the Life archive:

my heroes
I love everything about this picture

lady and doll


nun using card catalog

And two adorable librarians for good measure:


librarian, too

I hope the beginnings of fall (my favourite!!) are treating everyone well :)

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