Thursday, July 7, 2011

Will Barnet

Growing up, my house was always pretty jam packed with art. One print that has stuck in my memory quite firmly is Will Barnet's 'Woman Reading'


I actually saw a framed print of this in a shop a while back, and had one of those stop you in your tracks/deja vu/nostalgia/bring you almost to tears moments. It was like my childhood in a flash.

It's such a simple, beautiful and cozy image. I think I liked it especially because it reminded my of my mum a bit, as she was always reading.
A friend mentioned Will Barnet recently, which lead me to look up more of his stuff. I love it! It's definitely very 70s, but in the best way possible and certainly doesn't limit it in any way. I'm a particular fan of his Silent Seasons series:





I also love the combination of people and animals - quite often cats. Lately I've been feeling a lot of guilt around my own lovely cat, Bella, as she's been a little neglected attention-wise since the arrival of Minnie. She doesn't seem to hold it against us though, she's more affectionate than ever. And so these next two pictures are dedicated to her ;)



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  1. I love these! I would like to order one of these as a print for my own place. You are right about the 70s/animal-people thing. Very neat.


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