Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mooning about

Happy 100th post!

It's funny; I feel pretty lousy about neglecting this thing so much lately, so the 100th post accomplishment comes at an odd time. But oh well! No sense in worrying about yesterday, right? Right.

So lately I've amassed a small collection of moon related pictures. Some were for my humble shop, others just because I like them.

I've always loved the moon - a great big, low yellow moon in the sky never fails to catch my attention and make me smile at the loveliness of the universe.

Goeree moon
Jan Goeree

Galileo Moon Engravings

Mellan Last Quarter
Claude Mellan

moon o'clock
via leprintemps on tumblr

leprintemps again

Print from Mon Petit Fantome on etsy
Also, I meant to mention this ages ago, but a couple weeks back my pal Lisa interviewed me on her blog, The Sprog (heh, rhyme). Check it out!


  1. Do you love the moon this much?


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