Sunday, January 29, 2012

恭禧發財 - Gong Hey Fat Choy !

Yes, I'm a week late.

Today was the Chinese New Year parade in Vancouver though, and of course, again, I forgot to go.
Possibly for the best, it was a lousy rainy day. But, still. Yargh.

But annoyance aside, here's to a happy and prosperous Year of the Dragon.
Last week I got to read a few books to students about the new year traditions and even got a couple red envelopes (no money though, just candy - fine by me).

Found these photos in the life archive from 1954. Photographer:Joseph Scherschel

Men building up a fire in front of an altar durng the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Men gambling at a game of Mah-Jong durng the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Children fold origami money during the Chinese New Year celebrations.


The Chen family children receiving lucky money after dinner, during Chinese New Year.

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