Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, new goals..

Photo by Caitlin, at her lovely place

I spent my New Years Eve with a lovely group of people in a lovely place.
I made the banner above, after being inspired by this post.

The new year has never been a huge deal for me, I've always been more influenced by the school year and looked at September as more of the 'fresh start' time of the year. That being said, I do usually make a few resolutions, usually of the "just be more healthy" variety. This year, though, I did come up with a couple rather specific things, and I have a feeling the specificity will make them easier to stick to.

Again along the healthy line, I've resolved to cook fish at least once a week and to do a veggie dinner once a week as well (as a lover of alliteration I was thinking of a "Meatless Monday" theme). Tonight I did pan fried tilapia and yesterday it was roasted veggie sandwiches with sunchoke purree (on homemade bread no less!) so I'm off to a good start already.

Though I adore a good restaurant meal, I do cook a lot at home and those meals are generally pretty healthful. They may contain some indulgences like duck fat and such, but hey...that's still better than all that processed crap, right? ;) A more general resolution, which I guess is ongoing, is just to keep up with the home cooking with whole foods.

I also want to get on my "swimming regularly" goal from my 29 Before 30, and tomorrow my plan is to march on over to the pool and sign up.

I hope everyone out there has had a good start to 2012, and if you've made any resolutions - all the best with them!

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