Sunday, January 2, 2011


I love to cook. I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books. Well, not a lot of books lately, but I'm working on that. I just got a sewing machine which excites me greatly, and I love to embroider but don't do it enough. I spend a lot of time online looking at interesting stuff. I like to talk about all of these things. I also want to take more photos and keep a record of things.

All of this seems pretty conducive to starting a blog. So here I am. Guess I can add one more resolution to my list.

Harwinder Singh Gill


  1. Yay! Chloe has a blog! I will link you and bookmark and stuff. :)
    I love those pencils!

  2. Totally hear you about keeping a record. I'm resolving to write in my blog a lot more. I feel kind of weird writing about super personal stuff - it was much easier back in the days of LJ, but at the same time It's nice look back and stuff :)

  3. Aww thanks Em!

    And Anita - I hear ya. I'm trying to simultaneously put less of my personal self online (attempt to wean myself off facebook) and put more of what I'm experiencing and interested in out there. I'm not going to be in Van forever, so I'd like to keep track of all the awesomeness it has to offer :)

  4. For One Thing:
    I love the chintz you've got as a frame.

    For Another:
    This is a great idea, I'm quite pleased. I might propose something to you about this in the coming weeks.

  5. P.S. great name, you clever gal.

  6. yeah! Chloe you always did seem like such a blogger.
    haha fun to say! i'm a journaler...and a reader.. i keep a secret cave but hey! hail to the chloe blog! how did they come up with that word anyways?! love ya


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