Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March break

So, as I mentioned I am currently on March Break. And because Vancouver decided to go crazy this year, the break is 2 weeks instead of one. Great if you're a kid, not so great if it means you aren't working for those 2 weeks :\

Because of this I've been making lists of things I can do (cheaply!) to fill in my time. Luckily I'm a pretty big homebody anyways, so spending days at home pottering around is just fine by me. But so I don't feel like a total bum, I'd like to have some things to show for all my free time.

My biggest project is the garden (which I'm planning on making a separate post about). Nothing too ambitious, but hopefully something that will reward me with some bounty in a few months.

I figure this can also be the time that I go to my massive list of crafty bookmarks and sewing/embroidery pile and start producing.
Cup cozies, mason jar terrariums, bedroom curtains, gravestone rubbings...all the things I've been meaning to do for ages I am doing in the next two weeks!

In an effort to take more photos I'm also challenging myself to do a photo a day (starting today...should have had the idea earlier!) for the duration of the break.

And now that this is all online, I have to do it! And if I don't then I give you all permission to judge me harshly as a lazybones ;)

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