Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The other day the always interesting Skepchick blog posted a link to some amazing photos of heart-shaped astronomical objects.

Adam recently bought a pretty awesome telescope, which he hopes to use for some astral photography. Owing to Vancouver's oft-cloudy climate, I have yet to really see anything through it, but this weekend is supposed to be clear and the moon quite full so I'm gearing up for some awe.
Our goal is to see the rings of Saturn. Apparently near the beginning of April they're supposed to be the most visible. The thought of being able to see them gets me way more excited than I could have thought possible, and has had me obsessing over all things space as of late.

solar system quilt

Solar system quilt

This Solar System quilt from 1876 (!!) is just amazing. Even more amazing is that the woman who made it, Ellen Harding Baker, used the quilt as a visual aid when teaching astronomy.

Hand and Shadow
More loveliness from Hand and Shadow. Sadly these scarves, which use images from the Hubble telescope as inspiration, aren't available at present. Please come back!

Christopher Kane
This Christopher Kane skirt is perfection. But with a price tag over a grand, it's the stuff of dreams. Starry dreams.


  1. I love these! I think cheap mondays had cosmic styled tights or leggings that I really wanted, but no longer make. Need more cosmic wear! I especially like the scarf

  2. This skirt is just like the kids book, The Queen Who Stole the Sky!

  3. Olga - cosmic wear is where it's at!

    Amy - I don't know that book (bad teacher!), but I'm certainly intrigued :)


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