Thursday, February 17, 2011

February so far

Finished Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (even with frequent bulldog interruption).
I'd only read The Handmaid's Tale by her, and was feeling a bit like a bad Canadian, so I asked Mary for a recommendation. I thought it was great; I've realized I really like books set years ago when the author gets into the customs and norms of the time.

Me and Adam finally made it to Kintaro Ramen.
This is one of those places that's on a lot of "must see" lists for Vancouver. It's a tiny place that serves massive bowls of soup. It was amazing.

Spent the day before Valentine's crafting up some cards for friends. I've only actually delivered two so far.

miss minnie
Minnie Pearl modeling a lovely Yarn Over Movement bow.
Spent the 14th volunteering and then hanging around home with Adam and Minnie. I realized about a week before that this was actually my and Adam's 10th Valentine's together, so I decided to recreate our first one. I came home from school and he had bought kielbasa, dill havarti and little bottles of champagne that we ate with some triscuits on his couch.
All these years later it still made for just as lovely an evening.


  1. i've only ever read handmaid's tale also, maybe i should reserve alias grace on my library card?

  2. Try it out for sure! It's based on a real woman too, which always makes things a little more interesting.


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