Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hair, pt 2

My hair is fine. I'll be hard pressed to get it to do anything but lay sleekly on my head. Of course, a lot of girls would kill for hair that does that. But, because we're never happy with our lot in life, I dream of big hair: cascading waves, luscious curls, thick and heavy plaits.

Hand and Shadow

Hand and Shadow

These tangled hair scarves and tshirts from Vancouver's Hand and Shadow are particularly lovely.

Jenny Mortsell
Illustration by Jenny Mortsell

Audrey Kawasaki
The girls of Audrey Kawasaki often have enviable locks.

Jeannie Phan

Jeannie Phan

When I was younger I cut a good 8 inches off my hair and kept the braid. My dad was squeamish about cut hair, and I could use the braid to gross him out on command.
These illustrations by Jeannie Phan have a beautiful/creepy quality that reminded me of that.


And speaking of beautiful/creepy, I dream to one day have a collection of Victorian mourning pieces.


  1. I remember visiting the Jordan Historical Museum when I was still at the paper when they had a bunch of Victorian mourning jewelery. I also find it weird and creepy and cool. Hair is so personal and the idea of having the hair of someone you love after they've passed is more sweet to me than gross for some reason.

    I really love those prints and the t-shirt. I want! You have such good taste (aka, similarly good taste to me haha).

  2. Hehe, WE have such good taste ;)

    You should check out the Hand and Shadow etsy, they have lots of really awesome shirts and scarves.

  3. I have thick hair and letting it grow out but I wish I had wavy hair too!!



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