Thursday, May 12, 2011


Last year at this time my friend Andrew was living in Vancouver. For his last birthday, which was almost a year ago he decided he wanted to go to Portland for the weekend. He rented a car, booked a hotel and then invited Alison and myself along for company. It was a wonderful trip - definitely one of the funnest, giggly times I've ever had.
I hope to get down to Portland again before I leave this coast (maybe by train!), sometime in the summer.
The weather lately hasn't been great - still cool, greyish and rainy. It has been reminding me though of the weather when we were in Portland and has left me feeling very nostalgic about the trip.

And so - some photos!

Thrifty Inn
View from our room

Waffle milkshakes
First day's breakfast spot

Inside Powell's City of Books. What a place.

My lovely company

I got VD in Portland
Voodoo Donuts.

Sandy Hut
I kinda wanted to check this place out, but the patrons outside generally looked a little no-goodnick-y.


Game faces

Roadside Attraction
Inside one of the coolest bars I've ever been to.

Sunday breakfast
Second day's breakfast.

I bought some.

Hitching post

Fun fact: Matt Groening is from Portland and named a lot of Simpsons characters after streets there.

South Tacoma Way
On the way home, on South Tacoma Way. We tried to listen to Neko Case's song, but didn't have it.

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