Monday, May 16, 2011

A Sunday in May

Yesterday was a pretty great day. Earlier in the afternoon I headed downtown in the rain to take part in SlutWalk Vancouver. The event got a ton of attention (as well as the one in Toronto, and others internationally); a lot of people didn't agree with/get it but it all seemed to go off quite well. Because of the weather it probably wasn't as well attended as it could have been, but I read somewhere that about 2000 people were out, so not too shabby at all. I had my camera, and Adam came along later on with his, but it ended a little earlier than I thought it would and he missed every bus he tried to make so neither of us got any pictures. Lucky for me, lots of other people did!

(My two cents on the whole thing: for me this was less about the word 'slut', which honestly I have no real feeling towards. But the fact that today we still have people asking what victims were wearing, or how many sexual partners they'd had sickens me. One sentiment I saw over and over that I think summed it all up nicely: teach 'Don't Rape', not 'Don't get raped'.)


Slutwalk Vancouver
Hey, there's me! ;)

Photos by Michael Brophy, from facebook.

After the walk, I met up with Adam and we ended up at one of our favourite restaurants in town for dinner, The Greedy Pig. If anyone is reading this from Vancouver, and you haven't been, and you love decadent comfort food (heavy on the meat!) then check it out. They have amazing cocktails as well and the owners are super sweet. And, they have marrow on toast. 'Nuff said.

Greedy Pig


We then wrapped up the day with a drink at Pub 340 before heading home, to a street blanketed with petals. Oh,'re alright.

Hey there good lookin'



  1. That dont get raped type of logic can have all sorts of other fun sayings:

    - dont want to get beat up in the street? dont be born black, asian, or brown!

    - dont want to get mugged / robbed / carjacked? dont own things / have money!!


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