Monday, June 20, 2011

A laugh riot

So as most people are aware of, a whole bunch of bullshit happened here in Vancouver last week. I was at home and watched the news in disbelief/repulsion at what happened. And then the next day I felt pretty dang awesome about how amazing so many people were being, with the efforts to clean up and words of support and, well, downright love to the city and VPD.

This past weekend Vancouver had their annual Car Free Day, where a bunch of major streets around town are shut down to cars, the businesses in the area set up shop on the sidewalks/roads, people set up tables selling their wares and talking about awesome stuff.
I went to Main St, along with hundreds others, and had a pretty swell afternoon in a big, happy crowd.

car free

my kind of hockey

happy family


sidewalk music

urban source

backyard coop

urban chicks

yes it is
Yes, it is!

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