Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Alright! It's Dec 1st (in Ontario anyways) which means I can allow myself to start getting super jazzed for Christmas! :D

I love Christmas. Love it. It has nothing but lovely memories for me - I love the parties, spending time with family and friends, eating tons of delicious food, making the house smell all piney and putting paper snowflakes and tinsel everywhere.

I also really love Christmas crafts. I grew up in a household with a mum and a nanny who were all about homemade decorations, and that bug was passed on to me.

Counting down the days has always been a huge source of joy for me, so I'm all about advent calendars and crafts. I'm going to be buying a delicious Lindt calendar tomorrow, and tonight I whipped up this bad boy:

Advent tree!

Advent paper chain tree!

I used this tutorial (it's actually a little tricky). I found loads of pretty great ideas of things to make for advent; a few of my favourite:

Cute paper cone tree

Neat idea to repurpose vintage Christmas cards

Incase you have loads of wooden spools hanging around...

Within my group of friends there is a discussion happening RIGHT NOW around trying to plan a craft night soon, so I hope to have lots to show off on here.

And that's an end for NaBloPoMo! Well, my 1/3 of it anyways. Thanks for reading along ;) I've liked getting into the groove of posting everyday, hopefully I'll keep it up

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