Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping locally & consciously

As is the trend these days, I do my best to shop locally. For food this can be tricky in Vancouver - not because there isn't that option but because that option, in high falutin' Vancouver is a pricey one. But, I have always been more than happy to spend a little more money on food if it's going to be a lot more tasty, so this hasn't been too hard for me to do.

When it comes to everything else in life (or, clothes and stuff) I'm trying to also stick to this rule. With more work comes more money (yay!) and I've decided that extra money isn't going to equal more stuff, but better quality stuff.

I want to share a couple recent purchases here, and I want to share them because I am so super jazzed about both of them!


This beautiful Simcoe braided chunky headband from good night, day.

Tara-Lynn runs this wonderful shop, and if I could buy one of everything in it I would. This headband is fantastically warm and so SO SOFT. I've worn it every chilly day since I got it, and hope to wear it for hundreds more!

How great is this picture? Both this and the first are from Tara-Lynn's flickr


The Good Girl bag from Erin Templeton. My dad sent me some birthday money this year and told me to buy something good for myself with it. And I did!
I have have slight anxiety over buying purses, I never want to have one that I might see someone else with. This usually leads me to thrifting purses, which definitely works, but they often wear out quickly. So I decided it was high time I got myself a proper bag. Not being of the Coach set, I looked to local designed Erin Templeton and went to her cute shop in Chinatown that I had walked by probably hundreds of times.

I love my purse! It's made from beautifully soft leather, is just big enough for my things but not so big that I'll fill it with crud and it looks really, really cool. I'll use it for years!

This year I've actually gotten most of my Christmas presents from etsy or other thrift stores. I'm trying my best to look for vintage or hand made things. A little easier on the environment and heaps more unique.

Hooray for shopping!! ;)


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